Adventures at AnomalyCon

A lady can never have too many corsets.

I learned this at AnomalyCon, Denver’s Best Alternate History, Science Fiction, and Steampunk Convention held March 29 – 31, 2013. Author Vivian Caethe encouraged me to attend, and at $30 registration for the entire weekend, I couldn’t pass it up. (See “What Is Steampunk Made Of?” for one take on this genre. And consult The Steampunk Bible.)

I also couldn’t pass up two beautiful corsets, a purple satin one from Vixenfringe and a red striped number from Damsel in this Dress.

AnomalyCon costume
I didn’t buy the top hat or pistol, but I couldn’t resist the purple corset, amber velvet skirt and brown Edwardian jacket.
Steampunk Corset
The Corset Affectionately Known As Cinnamon Bear by the staff of Damsel in this Dress.
Signpost at AnomalyCon 3
“Firefly” fans will understand the middle sign.

Literature, fashion, music, film and gaming were available in abundance during this three-day con. All writers–new or veteran, independently or traditionally-published–could choose from a wide variety of high-quality sessions, some featuring New York Times best-selling authors Gail Carriger (whose debut novel Soulless won the Alex Award) and Hugo-nominated Colorado Author Carrie Vaughn (Kitty Norville series), S.J. Chambers (co-author of The Steampunk Bible), and award-winners like Emily France, whose Little Miss Life won the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers 2012 award for best Young Adult novel.

Other authors whose sessions I attended and who were very generous in sharing their insights: Quincy Allen, Sherry Ficklin, Robert Hoyt, Sarah Hoyt, Daniel Hoyt, Dana Bell, David Boop, J.A. Campbell, Sam Knight, and Trae Dorn. You can see a list of all panelists at

I hope you enjoy the following photos from the weekend. In my next post, I’ll discuss what I learned while attending sessions such as Worlds Collide, Self-Publishing 101, Mash-Ups: Mixing Genres, Writing Professionally, FairyPunk: Steampunked, World-Building, Plot In An Hour, Flash Fiction & Short Stories, Character-Building, Marketing for Writers, and Strong Women in Fiction (which nearly came to fisticuffs during a debate about the merits, or lack thereof, of the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer).

Author Gail Carriger
Author Gail Carriger graciously agreed to a photo at the Grand Tea on Sunday, March 31.
S.J. Chambers listens to colleague and author Carrie Vaughn read a short story during the March 31 Fireside Reading.
S.J. Chambers listened to colleague and author Carrie Vaughn discuss short stories. during the March 31 Fireside Reading.
I discussed steampunk fashion with author Carrie Vaughn at the Merchant Emporium on Saturday, March 30.
I discussed steampunk fashion with author Carrie Vaughn at the Merchant Emporium on Saturday, March 30.
Bram Stoker Award nominees
Guy Anthony De Marco, Peter Wacks, co-authors of Behind These Eyes

Guy Anthony De Marco and Peter Wacks co-authored the Bram Stoker Award-nominated graphic novel Behind These Eyes.

David Boop, SJ Chambers, Gail Carriger
Author David Boop interviewed SJ Chambers and Gail Carriger on Saturday.
AnomalyCon pass
AnomalyCon badge by artist Chaz Kemp.
AnomalyCon costume
“Rehabilitating: Do Not Touch.” He was nonverbal and very nice.
Pandora Celtica
Pandora Celtica, dark faerie Celtic a cappella band performed at AnomalyCon.
Public Call Box
The TARDIS, from “Doctor Who,” a time machine/space craft in the form of a public call box.
Costume Procession
AnomalyCon 3 attendees walked through the lobby to the costume contest in the ballroom.
Echoes of Orpheus
Echoes of Orpheus performed at the Grand Tea.

I attended a showing Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog! This was my first time seeing it. What can I say? Joss Whedon rocks. My friends and I will line up for his new film, Much Ado About Nothing, in theaters June 7.

Here’s the official AnomalyCon event blog to see videos and more photos.

Reply to this post by midnight MST on April 13 and I’ll enter you in a drawing for a FREE DVD of the movie Stranger Than Fiction, a must-see for all writers. “He’s not crazy. He’s just written that way.” (U.S. Residents only.)


  1. Looks like you had a great time, Katherine! I hope the corset makes an appearance at our next meeting. 🙂

  2. I want to see that corset too, Katherine. AnomalyCon sounds like quite an experience. You don’t have to enter me in the drawing though because I’ve seen the movie. I’ll see if I can send a few more visitors your way.

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