Steampunk vs. Cyberpunk Contest, and Havok 1.1

Monster in Her Bedroom

Here’s the link to the debut issue of Havok, featuring my flash fiction, “The Monster in Her Bedroom.” I love the “story pin” (above) they created for my story to promote Havok 1.1. (Illustration from stock.xchng ( by user gabriel77 (Gabriel Schouten de Jel) and typography by Lindsay A. Franklin) 

Splickety Magazine said: “Enjoy the debut issue of Havok Magazine, your source for the highest quality speculative flash fiction. New York Times bestselling author Tosca Lee headlines this issue with the beautiful story of a young woman who faces incredible odds when a murderous horde attacks her people. Staff member Lindsay Franklin enlightens our audiences with “Hardwired,” the story of a cyborg who falls in love. Plus, read six other speculative fiction stories ranging from a steampunk Pinocchio, to a woman who literally married a monster.”

Splickety is launching another imprint, Splickety Love, on Valentines Day which features romance flash fiction stories.

And the Havok Launch Party on Facebook was a huge success! Here’s what they’re planning as a follow-up:

Splickety has partnered with Jeff Gerke, the founder and former owner of Marcher Lord Press, to host a contest for the second issue.

The entrants will all fall under one of two genres: Steampunk orCyberpunk.

Which of the two genres is superior? The strongest story will determine the outcome. The winner will receive the entire digital library of Marcher Lord Press books, plus a one-year digital subscription to all three magazines. The finalists will all also receive a one-year subscription to Havok Magazine.

The deadline to enter is February 7th, 2014. You can find additional contest rules here:

 May the best genre win!


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