Half-Price Sale on My Flash Fiction Tomorrow!

I’m working on more short and sassy, no-spoilers movie reviews! In the meantime, please consider buying the new anthology BABY SHOES: 100 STORIES BY 100 AUTHORS, during the one-day HALF-PRICE sale tomorrow, Aug. 18 only!

It features my flash fiction “Expiration Date” and stories by other authors such as April J. Moore and Shelley Widhalm. Available in ebook and print.

Here’s a peek at some first lines:

When life expectancy hit 95 years of age, married people around the world shouted “Enough!” And just like that, the institution of marriage was reinvented.” -from “Expiration Date,” by Katherine Valdez

He walks in and sees her sitting with his imaginary girlfriend. — from “An Affair to Forget,” by April J. Moore

I crafted my personal ad as if some fairy godmother could wave her magic wand and usher in a tall, handsome man with blue eyes. – from “A Wanted Man,” by Shelley Widhalm


  1. Do you have any copies of the anthology that I could buy from you? Or would you rather I order from Amazon?

    Teresa R. Funke

    Author, Speaker, Writer’s Coach

    Find me on Facebook , Linked In, and You Tube or read my blog, Bursts of Brilliance for a Creative Life at: http://www.teresafunke.com/blog

    • Yes, I do! Thanks for your interest, Teresa! I’ll contact you offline.

      For everyone who doesn’t live in this quaint little mountain town, Baby Shoes: 100 Stories by 100 Authors is available on Amazon (Kindle or paperback).

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