Katherine Valdez grew up in Southern California wanting to be an astronaut or Vicky Austin in A RING OF ENDLESS LIGHT by Madeleine L’Engle. She settled for newspaper reporter and nonprofit communications director (and 14er peak bagger/backpacker after moving to Colorado in 2002).

Katherine now spends her days hiking, reading, writing, and embarrassing herself when meeting famous authors (which you can read about on various writing sites, including her blog; see list below). She throws emergency dance parties and wants to be Rainbow Rowell when she grows up.


Flash Fiction, Short Stories & Essays





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Pursue Your Passion and Believe in Happily Every After

La Luz


Writing Retreat at Red Feather Lakes, June 29, 2013

Near Red Feather Lakes, Colorado

Pearl Lake

Pearl Lake, Colorado

North Park

North Park, Colorado

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  1. Katherine, thanks for the nice comments about my blog on Pat Stoltey’s website. Flash fiction is fun. A friend of mine and I try to outdo each other weekly with 100-worders, but they should include at least one horrible pun. Cheers, Mark Bacon

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